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AMRO2024 – Dancing at the Crossroads

8. Mai11. Mai

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is in the Making

Festival dedicated to Art, Hacktivism and Open Culture

Art Meets Radical Openness is a biennial community festival for art, hacktivism and open cultures. It provides a space for discussion and resistance against technological monoculture, and for sharing and learning together on contemporary issues of our networked times.

Dancing at the Crossroads
At the crossroads of the current complex multi-crisis, we observe how digital technologies are deeply intertwined with the rising impact of climate collapse, individual burnout, outbreaks of war, colonial oppression and violence, strengthening nationalism and rising fascism.

For its 10th edition „Dancing at the Crossroads“, AMRO has invited its community of artists and technologists, activists and developers to contribute with works of protest and dissent against the normative, extractive and anti-social technological mainstream. We aim to explore forms of computational degrowth and the principles of permacomputing, and to address the consequences of a perhaps resistible rise of total AI.

In an increasingly extractive technological condition, with the approaching signals of climate catastrophe in mind, we dance at the crossroads, oscillating between all possible states and conditions, occupying both roads, creating space for imagining alternatives, and aiming to reseed forms of resistance.

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