RETIME II: Series of Events / Sofia Talanti RECONNECTING

DH5 Herrenstraße 5, Linz

Sofia Talanti: RECONNECTING The project speaks of the artist’s relationship with their own body and how they rediscovered sensuality by excluding the rules of gender binarism, in the curves of their shapes considered feminine by society. Through objects and moments experienced in contact with sexuality, the artist re-appropriates what makes them feel understood and embodies …

RETIME II: Series of Events / Indiara Di Benedetto FUTURE MEMORIES OF DEEP WATER (Intro)

Kunstuni Linz, Hauptplatz 8, Studio 1 Hauptplatz 8, Linz

Indiara Di Benedetto: FUTURE MEMORIES OF DEEP WATER (Intro) What are the changing conditions for Archaeology in underwater ecosystems? Can challenges b predicted and solutions imagined using Machine Learning? With the passage of time, underwater artifacts are encrusted with coral, algae or other marine organisms. How do human activities and pollutions undermine these natural environments? …

Nachhaltig vergänglich. Zur Materialität des Verfalls

Nachhaltig vergänglich. Zur Materialität des Verfalls 17. bis 19. November 2022 Tanzstudio, Stadtgalerie und Schloß Frohnburg in Salzburg Tagung und Ausstellung organisiert und konzipiert von Yorick Berta, Jasmin Mersmann und Romana Sammern. Eine Kooperation des Programmbereichs Figurationen des Übergangs / W&K, der Kunstuniversität Linz und der Salzburger Stadtgalerien. „Omnia transeunt“ – „Alles vergeht“. Angesichts von …


DH5 Herrenstraße 5, Linz

Theresia Pürmayr: MILTITROPHRASIE. A RIGOROUS INSIGHT INTO AGILITY (Mixed media) Miltitrophrasie. A rigorous insight into agility. Reflection on the topic of language fluidity driven by a tentacular thought - handprocess. Display of wobbly things and ecosystems with the opportunity of a distorted view through portable 3-Klee-glasses.

RETIME II: Series of Events / Alžběta Čiperová (RE)CONNECTION

DH5 Herrenstraße 5, Linz

Alžběta Čiperová: (RE)CONNECTION Place, where it’s all happening. The place. Object? Cover. Tissue and guts. Emotional borsc. Senses which are supposed to provide sense, one pot goulash. What is sizzling under the lid? 60% water. Don't boil, let it all nicely come together.


RETIME II: Series of Events / Aizhan Saganayeva

Café Valdés Herrenstraße 7, Linz

Aizhan Saganayeva IN A MANNER OF SPEAKNG (Video installation) Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian language has remained Kazakhstan's second official language. The most used and dominant. This work is an irony of the current post-colonial language situation in Kazakhstan. The people on the recordings who are perfectly “speaking” Kazakh are Kazakhs, …

RETIME II: Series of Events / Christoph Döberl NOISEMEETUP workshop

DH5 Herrenstraße 5, Linz

Christoph Döberl: NOISEMEETUP workshop How can vintage electronics be not only beautiful but also functional? With Blauzahn, we have started a project that combines the charm of original vintage devices with the features of modern Bluetooth boxes. In the workshop participants can convert their own radios and create their own unique and individual Blauzahn receiver. …

Vortrag von Ulrich van Loyen: Schamanismus und die Kultur der Niederlage

IFK - Wien, Reichsratsstraße 17, 1010 Wien Reichsratsstraße 17, Wien

Wenngleich die Erforschung des zirkumpolaren Schamanismus bereits im späten 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert mit der Nobilitierung »anderer Zustände« einhergegangen war, fällt ein großer Teil seiner Faszinationsgeschichte in die Zeit nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg. Ulrich van Loyen hat als Literaturwissenschafter mit einer Arbeit über Franz Baermann Steiner und als Sozialanthropologe über Neapels Totenkulte promoviert. Er …

From Brute Force to Convivial Technologies

Kunstuniversität Linz, Domgasse 1, DO0327

Conceiving sustainabile tech in Media Art Interface Cultures lädt zum Gastvortrag von Davide Bevilacqua. While considering sustainability in contemporary media art, one should keep in mind the double-edged impact of technologies: if on one hand they help human progress, on the other they efficiently contribute to the destruction of ecosystems and ecologies, be it physical, …